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HI! I'm currently doing somewhat of a report on professional hockey players, and just wondering if anyone new the answers to any of thse quistions of the top of there heads. What training to professional hockey players go through every day, and how many years would you say is takes to become a professional.

It would be really great if someone had even a guesstimate answer to these quistions, it would help a lot.

thnx :D

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Pro hockey players are born, not made, for the most part. I am sure there have been some not-so-talented players become a lot more talented, but for the most part, you are pro-grade material naturally.

Once you reach the level of the NHL, you need to maintain your skills. This is done in a variety of ways, with drills, excersizes, and hockey-specific motions.

Some players like Sidney Crosby, and others are ready to enter the pros right out of high school, basically. Others need to "hone" their skills in a junior league somewhere, or college is all some others need.

There is no really one way, but when it boils down to it, you either have it or you don't.

Some guys spend their whole careers in the minors, and never make it to the pros.....

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I imagine it's a team by team situation. In Atlanta, the team runs a prospect camp (last week actually) where they invite up the kids to assess their development and also to give them a taste of what the NHL is like and what is expected of them. Some of the players will be invited back to training camp either because there is a chance they will make the team roster, or with more highly-touted prospects, the team wants to further assess their play and also let the prospects gain more experience against NHL talent. As for diamond in the rough prospects, I'm looking forward to seeing Machacek at training camp. And the stud Bogosian of course.

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i know the different types of training they go through

1:off ice, weight lifting, running etc.

2:power skating, leg strength/technique

3:drills, offense, shooting, passing etc.

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