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Alright, the trade deadline for our league is the 16th. Another manager and I are trying to work out a deal quickly. He sent the following trade to me....

I get: Adrian Peterson and Santana Moss

I give: Laurence Maroney and Santonio Holmes

He is 8th out of 10 in our league. I am 2nd. My other RBs are Edge James, M. Jones-Drew, Thomas Jones, and Laurence Maroney. I have Edge and MJD as starters.

My WRs are (first 3 names listed are the ones I have as my starters right now) L. Fitgerald, M. Colston, Lee Evans, L. Coles, S. Holmes, and DJ Hackett.

I think I will counter with the following trade:

I get: Torry Holt (or Steve Smith, what do you guys think?) and Adrian Peterson

I give: S. Holmes and L. Maroney

So please answer the following questions:

1) The first trade- Yes or no, and why?

2) The second trade - Yes or no, and why?

3) Is Peterson due back after he will miss the upcoming week? If not, is he still worth getting?

11 points to best answer. Thanks!

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it is likely that peterson will miss at least 2 weeks but with that said i like the trade. offer him the AP/holt trade b/c moss has no value.

if you can get that it would be great. you don't need maroney b/c you would never sit your other rbs in place of him and you have enough WRs to cover for the loss of holmes.

i doubt he would give you holt also b/c he's prob trying to dump moss but you can try.

even if he doesn't accept the second trade, i'd still do the first one b/c you can afford to wait a few weeks for AP to come back and once he does your team will be stacked. AP is THE top fantasy point getter behind brady.

oh..for the second trade, go with holt, smith's season will be a disappointment b/c he doesn't have delhomme.

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On my opinion i would'nt do the trade i know that Adrian Petrson could be one of the best backs in the league but Laurence Maroney could be the laurence maroney we expected in the begginning of the season and the extent of Peterson's injury is still in the air which means that he could be out a few more weeks which will hurt you down the stretch and Holmes is a much better option down the stretch than Santana Moss moss who has struggled all season that is partly to do with the fact that jason campell is his quarter back Holmes has been a very strong option all year and Rothlisberger's 2nd favorite target next to Hines Ward.As for the counter i would stay away from Steve Smith but Holt sounds like a better idea but i would do that if you can get Holt but this guy is offering you santana moss i doubt he will go from him too Tory Holt but if you can i say do it.

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I don't like the first trade and I doubt you will get the second.

Peterson with luck is expected back my week 12..

but nothing is certain and he does have a 2+ tear in his ligament which is almost a 3 which is really bad..

He might not the the same player the rest of the year. I would stay away form him no matter how tempting it is to get him low at this point.

cause face it ....

before he got hurt how many guys would give away peterson for maroney and holmes.

do it if you believe what you read about him coming back week 12 or so and if you can afford to wait on him in your bench until he is healthy.

but if you are going to do it do trade 1. cause if he does come back he will be by far the best player on your team.

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1) I would say no to the first trade because unless Jason Campbell gets it together Moss is a bad pick. AP is always good but he is going to be out for a few weeks.

2)I would say you should get Torry Holt as Bulger seems to have finally got it together and offensive line seems to be holding for the Rams.

3) Finally AP is going to be out for 2-4 weeks, I think he will be back for week 13 or 14. Because of your depth yes he is good. Once you get into the playoffs you will have good RB and WR depth.

Good Luck :)

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Here it goes

10 I think that first trade is unlikely good for you since Santana Moss hardly catches the ball anymore I would do this trade for the man, the injured Adrian Peterson. Then again he's injury prone so you need to think how yor scoring stystem is following

2) That second trade will never happen if you try it

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one hundred% Unfair commerce for the different participant that's sturdy for you. Mcnabb is having a breakout year. Boldin only have been given injury and is your league is a PPR league Andre Johnson will quickly be getting you quite some receptions.Chris Johnson Splits time with lendale white and marion barber is a risk. Take the commerce

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dont do it....

AP just got injured...its not worth it ..and santana moss..????? he sucks....doesnt even have a touchdown yet.

stick with maroney..he plays for the best team...and santonio holmes...is a beast..hes having a killer year..soo yea

dnt do it

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AP is done don't waste your time. even if he returns the viking will be care-full using him since they don't have a chance for the playoffs this year..Fred Taylor will see most of the carries to save AP for next year.

As for Moss he is a complete bust this year i don't think he has more than 10 catches all year. i am in 4 leagues and he is on the waiver pool in every one of them

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