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Hi I'm trying out freshmen year for the squad and I have some ?? How can I be come more flexable. How do I clam my nevres tryout day?? How can I improve my jumps and be sure I'm doing them right?? No stupid anwsers only cheerleaders should anwser this. Unless you know what yr talking about?? Thxs

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for stretching: get into a left leg split as far down as you can without any pain, now go a little farther and hold that for 1 minute. Do the same for your right. if you do this everyday, maybe every time your watching tv, you'll have your splits in no time!!

for your jumps: you may want to go to your closest cheer gym and take a tumbling class, they will definitely help you for tryouts. if you can't do that, look at videos on YouTube of cheerleaders doing jumps, here is an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jEeS3dyBkw&feature...

if you have a trampoline, they are perfect for practicing jumps. just practice for 5-10 minutes a day and you'll see a noticeable difference

and be nervous!! i know nerves suck but they help your adrenaline pump making your skills more powerful and you'll have a boost of energy

Hope this helps!!

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Becoming more flexible can be a challenge. You need to stretch every single day, doing simple stretches like splits etc. Stretch while doing your homework or watching TV. If you stretch every single day it will not only make you more flexible but, it will improve your jumps. Be relaxed on tryout day, take a nice hot shower the night before or even before tryouts eat a large healthy breakfast. Good Luck I hope it helped!(:

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