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How is my fanasty team?It's a 12 team head to head league.I had the 11th pick in the draft.Please rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Victory Martinez

Richie Sexson

Josh Barfield

Troy Glaus

Omar Vizquel

Scott Posednik

J.D Drew

Pat Burrell

Travis Hafner

Bench:Ryan Zimmerman,Joe Crede,Ray Durham,Austin Kearns,Jason Varitek

CC Sabathia

Scott Kazmir

Josh Johnson

Fransisco Liriano

Chris Young

Mark Mulder

Kerry Wood(going to trade him for a closer)

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6-7. You have a top catcher. He is very good any aways gets something done for you. Sexson will hit a lot of bombs this season so he is good to have on a team. But, may I suggest something. Move Zimmerman to 3B. Trade Galus and Sexson for a top notch 1B. Both Galus and Sexson have low AVG that could hurt you team. You have a good decent 2B. He is a sleeper this season so you can expect something good from him. Omar is ok but I think you are better off picking up a SS liek Stephen Drew. You utfield is decent too. But try something like this trade Varitek and Kearns for a better outfielder. This will really help your team. You have a top notch Util. And your bench is decent.

You have a good pitching staff. But Josh Johnson is injured so try and trade him for Brett Myers. Myers will do better and someone will be stupid enough to Johnson in a trade. Same thing with Loriano trade him and Wood for a decent closer. Maybe two. Besides that your pitching staff looks fine.

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I would move Glaus (3B/SS eligible) to short and put Zimmerman at 3B, I would drop Vizquel, Kearns, Crede and Varitek

I would attempt to pick up Adrian Gonzalez, 1B San Diego

Rich Aurilia or Ty Winnington multi position eligible Aurilia at 1b,2b,3b and ss, winnington is 1b,2b,3b, of eligible. I would also try to pick up Jose Guillen of SEA whose coming off injury last year, he may surprise some people has prior to last year he consistently hit 20-25 hr's

Your pitching needs help...Josh Johnson is out for 4-6 weeks with injury and Liriano is out for the year, Mulder won't be back until July at the earliest.

For relief pitchers I would suggest Jorge Julio RP Arizona...he is rumored to be heading to be the closer in Florida or SF

Jonthan Broxton LAD...in case Saito goes down. Other options include Danny Baez BAL who would spell Ray, and Derrick Turnbow MILW, who also is rumored to be heading elsewhere, maybe Boston.

As for starters, Scott Olson FLA is an option, as is John Maine NYM, Vincente Padilla TEX.

If you don't do anything your headed for a last place finish....

I hope this helps and good luck!

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Its going to need a lot of help. Your lineup is just OK. I would move Glaus to SS and then put Zimmerman at 3rd. Drew is an injury risk and you are going to NEED to pick up another top outfielder, because he will get injured atleast once this year. Liriano isnt going to pitch at all this year, so you can just drop him or you can try to trade him to an owner that doesnt kno he is injured. You also have no closers, so you are going to need to trade for one. CC and Scott are going to have good years, but I dont think that will offset the bad ERA and WHIP the rest of the team will put up. I dont think you are going to get much in trade value for Wood, but you can try. Overall its around a 4-5, and you are going to finish 7-9th in the league if you dont make some moves. I would try to trade Martinez for some pitching help and then pick up Iannetta of the Rockies, he is a solid prospect, and he is going to be this years McCann. Also, look for some pitchers with a high K/9, and a Walks/9 that is 2 or below. Look on the free agent market for Doug Davis, Greg Maddux, and Dave Bush, because they are pitchers who are going to be overlooked. If you make some of these moves, it could bump you up to 4-7th in your league, without giving up too much, and there is also a chance that some of the young players you have on the bench break out and you could trade them for something later in the season. Good Luck this year.

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k wood mite be a closer this year

p staff is weak kazmir is strt8 though

hitters are ok trade burrell

i give u a 5 n a half need improvements all around u got power n steals on lock though

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its not that great. I only give it a 6.5 maybe. Liriano is out for the season, and the rest of your pitching isnt even that great. your outfield is weak and the only thing i really like is hafner and marinez. and btw i'd put in zimmerman in and put glaus at short which i think you can do.

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why not have glaus be ur SS and put Zimmerman/ even Crede in 3rd instead of having to play Vizquel

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good team, i would rate it 7, especially condsidering 12 teams in your league with the 11th pick (for the situation, team is rated 9), good pitching, i also have liriano but people are telling me he is out for season, im holding on to him for now and will see how it goes, good luck

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